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Painting of Sunset House by Bill Estes

Our Mission

Sunset House offers an alternative living arrangement for two persons who are in the final stages of a terminal illness and cannot be cared for in their own home. We are a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteerism, fundraising and memorial contributions for support.

What is hospice?

Today’s hospice is a concept of care that involves health professionals and dedicated volunteers who can provide medical, emotional and spiritual support to terminally ill patients and their loved ones. Hospice stresses quality of life, peace, comfort and dignity. The principle purpose of hospice is to control the pain and other symptoms to help the patient remain as alert and as comfortable as possible. These services are available to persons who are no longer benefiting from curative treatment and have a life expectancy of 6 months or less. With patients’ families and loved ones being an important focus of this care, hospice services are designed to provide them with the assistance and support they need.

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